AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter Kit

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This steel adapter enables installation of a folding stock on any AR-15 to create a smaller-profile rifle for easy deployment from a vehicle or transport in non-permissive environments. Works with standard gas impingement OR gas piston system.

Will only work with compatible Centerfire and Mil-Spec carriers, or compatible AR 9mm Bolts.

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  1. Travis Haley AKA GT’s Dad (verified owner)

    It works, BUT….

    I think most who visit here know this is not a genuine Law Tactical folding adapter, despite the laser engraving stating so on the (left) side of the unit (a real Law folder has the logo printed on the right side, in case anyone was curious). The construction quality is probably almost as good as a real Law folder, however if you’ve never installed a Law folder before or have any of the spare parts from one (notably, the turning key that bends to the proper torque spec when installing the inner threaded connector), you’re gonna have a bad time. There are parts for what I would assume would be a pistol caliber AR bolt and a flat face connector for stuff like an MPX, however I’ll never know because it came with virtually zero documentation or any kind of hint as to where to find some.
    How does it work? Works the same as a Law folder (push a button on the right side to unlock the stock or brace in order to fold to the right), installs the same (threaded locking part that goes from the inside out of the folder to screw into your lower to hold it in place), you still need the respective BCG Law folding adapter (not included in this kit) in order to get your bolt and your buffer and spring system touching one another and to get it to work properly (positive bolt lock up, etc). There’s a spot on the bottom that seems superfluous like some kind of mounting system for a lanyard or something that is neither QD nor able to be used by a regular sling system. Once again, having some documentation would’ve been nice. The unit has a cool feature that the Law Tactical folder does not have in which it has spring tension on a ramp to assist with securing it a little better when its off to the side or when attempting to close it into firing position. All in all, its a redundant addition, but its a nice touch. The metal has “Made in USA” on the inner face, can’t verify the origin of the manufacturer, but for only 100 bucks its pretty solid still, around the exact weight of a regular Law folder (its definitely not bendy aluminum for those who might be concerned).

    Final takeaway/TLDR:
    – Not a genuine Law folder despite the laser engravings stating so
    – You will still need a Law folder BCG adapter to get your BCG to run with any spring system
    – Unknown extra parts and lack of documentation/website
    + Appears to be almost as sturdy as an actual Law folder (take that with a grain of salt)
    + It works

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