Start A Chapter

Step 1:

Each chapter will have basic leadership positions for the purpose of keeping their chapter organized with events, helping members, and general structure. These positions are open to people who want them but they do come with extra responsibilities and requirements. The positions are:

Chapter Commander: Responsible for overseeing the chapter’s operations and supervising the other chapter officers. He or she is often the face of the chapter, and represents the group to the local community. Provides the overall vision and sense of direction for the chapter and facilitates goals at the beginning of each year. Schedules and facilitates chapter planning meetings and serves as a role model for other officers and chapter members

Chapter Vice Commander: Responsible for overseeing all internal operations of the chapter, ensuring that other chapter officers and members have what they need to accomplish their goals. Assumes the responsibility of the president during his or her absence. Assist the Chapter Commander in accomplishing the goals of the chapter. Advertises events and meetings to the general public to increase membership.

Training/Safety Officer: Responsible for the training and safety of all members within the chapter. The safety officer should educate chapter members on current laws and provide training via email or meetings/events to ensure an educated command. On range days, the Training/Safety Officer assumes command of the chapter and has the authority to dismiss any member for unsafe or inappropriate actions.

Logistics Officer: Responsible for maintaining records on all activities of the chapter, including meetings, events and members. The Logistics officer is to keep a written report of any and all members attending an event and to send it up to nationals for promotions and recognition. Logistics officer is to coordinate with the Safety officer to set up range date and times for members to attend.

Note: Each chapter MUST have at least a Chapter Commander & a Training/Safety Officer

Step 2:

Each Chapter Must have a minimum of 7 Paid members (Officers included)

Step 3:

Host or attend an event. An event consists of 3 or more members and it must be documented via pictures or video.