Polymer Stacking Magazine Pouch


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Product Description

  • The fast mag pouch 5.56 is made of polymer materialwhich is durable and portable, and it is suitable for almost any magazine etc. take up less room on your belt by double stacking pouches.
  • The magazine holster is composed of a two piece sectionbond by two retention bands. These retention bands produce a compression force which can control the holster and your magazine into a superior hold.
  • Multi options on the quantity of the tactical mag pouch for your needs, you could choose pack of 1 or 2 or 5 directly
  • The mag pouch is easy to attach to any mole vest ,bag orbackpack such as tactical vest, belt and tactical bag .It fits for 5.56 mag .
  • Able to attach to any MOLE webbing vest , bag , backpack and etc