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At Black Gun Owners Association, our main priority is ensuring the protection of your second amendment right to own a gun, just like everyone else in America. That means many different things to many different people, but if you want to own a gun for hunting, protection, competition, or fun, there are many options.

This quick guide to the best types of guns in the right situations will help you figure out which might be ideal for you and your specific needs. With so many to choose from, you’ll benefit from some more information to help you decide.

While many guns are versatile enough for multiple purposes, some are better than others. We recommend this guide as a quick reference for finding what you need. Your preferences are different than everyone else’s so these ideas will direct you to the gun that suits you bes.

From handguns to rifles and home protection to the shooting range, there’s something for everyone here. click here to find the best deals and to see what people are buying

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  • Hello:

    I read your interview and I think it is great to start bringing the people together to use their second amendment rights.

    Please don’t forget the NRA, they have been helping people a long time exercising Their second amendment rights.
    I have been a member and a shooter for many years and I would like to see all good people have the right to be protected, have fun shooting, and enjoying the outdoors with the use of a gun for hunting or. Just protection.
    Can a white person or a brown person be a part of your group?

  • Thank you.. and thank Grand Master J for shouting out this wonderful gun club… Getting my self together.



BGOA plays a crucial role in Gun Rights by facilitating Gun Ownership, providing training and providing our members with supportive services and legal protection.

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