Sight Alignment & Mag Grip – Did you know?





Be honest … when you first began shooting did you know that you could adjust the sight alignment? Were you also aware that sight alignment, mag grip and hand positioning are key in shooting accuracy? I didn’t.
I remember purchasing my first firearm, a Smith & Wesson M&P 9c AKA ‘Method Man’, and no matter how much I practiced I could never seem to hit the intended target. I did much better using Tim’s full size 9mm and his Neos U22 Beretta but my new firearm, not so much. My grouping was all over the place and I had one hell of a hand “jerk”. As a new shooter, I knew my accuracy would not be perfect but I felt I should see some improvement with time. Tim explained a few things to me, 2 of which I still deal with today; sight alignment and mag grip.
I’ll start with sight alignment. Many people are unaware of the ability to adjust this, I was one of those people. I would, and still do, move position, stance as well as sight picture in an attempt to solidify my grouping but nothing seems to work. (Side note: sight alignment correction was in the process of being done as I typed this. Even though the Allen wrench loosened the screw it would not move. After review, purchasing a sight pusher was recommended but before doing that, using a bench rest to assure an adjustment is actually needed was also recommended. Next step, finding an affordable bench rest to use for the next range visit.)
Secondly, the purchase of Method Man included two magazines. The mag grip with the ‘pinky extension finger rest’ is a better fit for me when shooting. I noticed my trigger pull technique is more fluent when I use that one instead of the one without the extension. I have a better grip on the handle which in turn gives a smoother trigger pull and helps my accuracy. Once the sight alignment is corrected I do believe that I will have better accuracy and superb grouping. I am going to claim that right now.
As I go through this process I will be sure to share and hope that anyone else in the group would share their stories as well. We can all learn from one another. I would love to hear more from the ladies in the group so I know I am not alone.


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